In search of new year, new Derp, we set off across the border into the distant lands of Liverpool and initially things did not look great as all our initial targets appeared to be sealed or not worth the hassle of getting in.

IMG_30368_69As we were beginning to give up all hope of finding any reason to unpack the camera from the bag, we spotted a big metal door which had been pealed back revealing entrance to a largeish looking warehouse building, things were initially looking up and in we went.

Inside we soon found that this place was not going to be anything epic, as we headed up the stairs to the top floor, we found many empty floors and then on the very top floor, half the roof had disappeared, lucky for us it was a fine day so we decided to make the most of things, got the cameras out and tried to find some inspiration.


Created in April 1965, they were a ships’ stores supply company providing non specialised food, beverages and tobacco to docked vessels.

In those days, the Liverpool waterfront was a hive of activity with ships from all over the world mooring up to load or unload cargo. And the crews required large amounts of ‘Shopping’ to tick them over during the long, isolated voyages.

They traded with a list of agencies providing wholesale stock of many kinds, they are still listed on a first floor reception desk.
From 1990, there are no records of trading as the company was dissolved.