On a hillside somewhere in Norway, overlooking a beautiful fjord, lays this abandoned building. A majestic sanatorium built to heal and cure people with tuberculosis.

The air and climate in the area was supposedly good for the patients. Together with good access to water power this sanatorium opened in 1902 with 96 beds. After several renovations the maximum number of patients that could be treated was 150 in 1950.

Tuberculosis is an often deadly infectious disease that usually attacks the lungs. It spreads through the air so the idea of placing the hospital far away from civilization was probably a good idea. It even has its own cable cars going up and down the hill. They are still visible today. The 7 km long road is still quite a challenge to drive on with its 13 sharp bends clinging to the hillside.

One of the treatment methods for tuberculosis was the constant exposure of fresh air. Even during the wintertime the patients laid in their beds outside underneath a shelter. Another method was collapsing of the sick infected lung so the wounds could heal.

After World War 2 effective medicines against tuberculosis were invented, people were vaccinated and the sanatorium shut down. Between 1950 and 1990 it was used as a psychiatric hospital and then the place was used as a reception center for refugees from the Balkan war. In 1994 it was abandoned completely.