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Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic, October 2016

I have seen plenty of photos of the various Ossuaries around the world, but never thought I would ever visit one as they are not common tourist destinations and they are not seen very often in the UK (or around […]

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Sheffield Various, July 2015

No history for any of these sites, as this was just a random last minute visit over the hills to the Steel City. Sites Visited included:- Record Marples Loxley Chapel Lower Bradfield Fliter House Thornseat Lodge

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St Luke’s Hosptial, Huddersfield, February 2013

The hospital started its shutdown in 2007 and finally fully closed to public on 22nd December 2010. It provided Neurological rehabilitation, associated Occupational Therapy, post Cardiac disease rehabiliatation, a renal unit and a number of residential wards. Based around the […]

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Loxley Independent Chapel, Loxley, June 2011

Loxley Chapel was built in 1787, by Rev Benjamin Greaves, curate of Bradfield, and a few friends. It is grade 2 listed and has been on English Heritage at risk register since August 1985. It closed in 1993. When it […]

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St Mary’s Site, Bangor, Wales, June 2011

Bangor University was established in 1884 (its original title was University College of North Wales) as a direct result of a campaign in the late 19th century for better higher education provision in Wales. In 1977 St Mary’s College Bangor, […]

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