The The Lancashire Electric Power Company proposal to build coal fired plant at Padiham (known as Padiham ‘A’) was approved in 1924 for a 12,000kW station.

By March 1925 two 6,000kW alternator sets had been ordered, the sidings for delivery of coal by rail completed and work commenced on foundations. It was the second of three stations built by the company.

In 1957 a 240MW station, Padiham “B”, was authorised with the first unit of 120MW commissioned in 1962. In 1964 a Padiham “C” was proposed but not built.

Padiham “A” closed in 1969. In 1971 some oil firing was proposed at one stage but it seems only coal were ever used. By 1984 the station was generating 15 million MW hours.  In 1993 the last load of coal was delivered and Padiham “B” ceased generation on 31 March.