Well, what can I say about this place….sadly nothing much really as there is no history at all available about the place, normally you go to these ‘unknown’ houses/cottages and there is some sort of dis guarded post left around to kind of point you in the right direction for finding something out about the place, but this time, there was nothing…not a sausage.

Someone else I know had visited this place and after another dull day at work, I got a random call from two thirds of Team Weasel asking if I wanted to tag a long to a local explore, but not to expect anything epic, rather than tv surf, I decided to head along.

This place is certainly far from epic, there was very little in there to photograph, but it was what it was and it passed an hour or so and at one stage we thought we were going to have to camp out in there for the long term, as an old couple parked up on the road and had a very keen eye on the place, at one point they started to head on down through the overgrown garden, no idea what made them turn back, but we were glad they did, as we had no idea what the surprise of bumping into three random people would do to them.