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House of Cracks, Lincolnshire, December 2012

No information can be found about this location. As you can see from the photos, this place is a death trap, most rooms the floor has sunk 4-6 inches or more, floors slop in to the middle of the room. […]

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Oakamoor Sidings, Staffordshire, October 2012 (Revisit)

The sidings at Oakamoor are a relatively recent addition to the line’s history, and were first used as a siding to the quarry nearby. The sidings are currently used for storage as part of the Churnet Valley preserved Railway. When […]

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The Bus Graveyard, September 2012

Somewhere in the wilds, near Bolton there exists this field of old bus’.  There used to be many more, but overtime they have been stripped of parts and crushed, the few that remain are in a very poor condition.

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90’s Derp House, Cheshire, July 2012

Not much is known about this place, it is in a poor state with all the floorboards downstairs removed, a lot of water damage appearing on the first floor and a mix of decorating styles which range from modern 90’s […]

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The Scientist’s Manor, The Boarders, July 2012

The reasons why the occupants of this manor house just upped and left are unknown, but from the wealth of items left behind, it’s easy to start to piece together details of the former occupants, but out of respect for […]

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Dead Crow House (Farm ‘E’), Midlands, June 2012

Not much to go on with this place really, its a reasonably sized farm and out-buildings which were last resided in towards the end of January 2012, few things remain from the former owner (Mrs ‘E’), but a care book […]

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The Hoarders House – Cars, March & May 2012

Outside the hoarders house, there remains a collection of cars which appear to have been collected over a period of time by ‘the hoarder’, no one seems to know why there are all these cars at the house, or how […]

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The Hoarders House, March & May 2012

Somewhere in the Midlands there stands a famous house in exploring circles, the house at one time stood as a museum to one man’s life, the house seemed to have been left as it was when the man left as […]

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Manor ‘H’, Lancashire, May 2012

Out in the wilds of  Lancashire sits an old Manor house, in its past it has been the family home of a prominent former mill owner, a care home for the elderly and most recently a hotel & wedding venue. […]

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