Documenting dereliction and decay

Prudential Assurance Buildings, Oldham, September 2016


This place appeared as a lead on one of the forums over the weekend, but did not state exactly where about in the country the building was based, after a few communications with the Oldham based Weasel and some late night text messages to arrange a time, the visit was planned. Fast forward a few […]

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Altrincham General Hospital, September 2016


This place appeared as a lead a few months prior to my visit, but for some reason, people didn’t seem to keen on visiting the place, I was undecided at first, but then saw a great report from CameraShy and it was decided that it was worth a visit. So, with that in mind, we […]

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London Road Fire Station, Manchester, July 2016


Unbeknown to myself, I have walked past this building many times over my years in Manchester without ever realising what the place was. Over the summer various photos from the inside of the London Road Fire Station had appeared online as the building was finally purchased after many years in limbo by a company who […]

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Bare Street Christian Mission, Bolton, July 2016


Sadly, I can find no history about this place, nothing what so ever, so I am just going to let the photos tell the story this time.

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Crown Theatre, Eccles, May 2016


Opened in 1899 as the Lyceum in Eccles, This iconic Theatre was designed as a home for Shakespearian performances. But with the advent of music hall it very quickly became home to variety shows changing ownership and names in 1907 when it became the Crown Theatre. In 1932 the 2,500 capacity theatre was converted into […]

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Protestants Martyrs Memorial Church, Liverpool, January 2016


Founded in 1903 and closed around 2004. Founding Father of the Church was a Pastor George Wise. The church maintained a sound uncompromising Protestant Evangelical Witness. From her inception, enemies constantly prophesied her early demise but under God the work begun by Pastor Wise was faithfully carried out by his successor, Rev. H. D. Longbottom […]

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Croda Chemicals, Bromborough, December 2015


To be honest, I have never really been a big fan of these industrial places, I just don’t find them that interesting and struggle to find the inclination start looking for interesting shots. This place was no different really, it had been on the radar for a number of years, it was busy a few […]

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Kelvin Fenton Mill, Burnley, December 2015


Kelvin Fenton operated from these premises specializing in packaging, a distinct lack of information on this place exists.

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Murphy’s Machinery Factory, Menston, November 2015


G.L Murphy Machinery Ltd. was an industrial parts manufacturer established in 1930. They were based in a mill named Imperial Works, on the rural outskirts of Menston in West Yorkshire. The company made tools, belt driven machinery, transmissions and electrical equipment, specialising in items for tanners and leather manufacturers in addition to glue and gelatine […]

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